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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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our joyce evans live in bensal bensalem. joyce, people the neighbors they can believe what happened here. >> reporter: but you know wha, a lot of people might say, lucy and iain, why would any body do that? guess what, just about every family who has a pet around here who we spoke with said, they get it. they understand, because whether they have two legs or four legs, they might risk it for a loved one. >> there was a lot of fire inside the house. it was well advanced by the time we arrived on the scene. took about hour or so to place it under control. >> reporter: nothing could stop 39-year-old tabatha who had already made it out safely with her husband and mother-in-law from dashing back inside after one of her dogs one dog just two too afraid to come out on its own. >> you only have two minutes to get out of a burning building. and when you get out, you have to stay out. >> reporter: a passionate plea from judge renee' hughes head of the red cross. instead of four survivors
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include one dog there are only three. >> so we are supporting those survivors with mental health care and spiritual care. >> reporter: there are also going door to door offering tips on devicing escape plans. pointing out possible traps and checking for smoke detectors. neighbor mychal edwards who called 911 this morning says what happened to tabatha in a split second could happen to anyone. >> it's really makes you think about things, and, you know, how fragile life is and how quickly it could be taken away and how decisions can really affect whether you live or die in case like this. >> reporter: yes, indeed it can. now the dog that did survive is being helped by read paws. they are the animal advocates who work witness red cross. now fire investigators as you see there's nothing but tarp left behind there. that's covering holes where the fire just simi burned through. and there's not much left to the house either. the cars on either side fire investigators are working to
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figure out the cause of this fire. lucy? >> just so sad. all right, joyce, thank you mu much. fox 29 weather authority right now. cooler day today. now some storms are working their way in. actually looks kind of dark there off in the sky. kathy has a peek of how soon that rain will roll on in. kathy, those -- horizon looks a little dark. >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> we have some clouds, some showers in the area. but most of us will not see any of those. mostly cloudy skies will definitely rain tonight. you can see high temperatures in the 80 80s. far cry from the past three days we had heat wave temperatures were in the 90s ultimate doppler shows the clouds an few spotty showers making it from lancaster county in chester county and a few spotty sprinkles into south jersey. that's about it for now. the main event will come during the day and afternoon tomorrow. 81 in the city. 75 in the poconos. 83 in wilmington. 80 in millville and right now in atlantic city it is 79 degrees. as we go hour boy hour tonight, by 7:00 p.m., we'll be at 84 with an easterly wind. that's keeping the shore pretty
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cool this afternoon. by 9:00 o'clock, 77. and by the 11:00 o'clock hour temperatures fall to go around 72 degrees. but that east wind will stay persistent even into the day tomorrow. coming up we'll talk about the rain frequent downpours for your thursday. even the threat of some isolated severe storms the sun will return in the seven day and of course we're already looking ahead to another weekend. we'll see how that one turns out. for now, though, lucy, we'll zen it back to you. >> thank you very much, kathy. for the latest forecast any time at all make sure to get our fox 29 weather app super easy it's available for android and google play and of course iphone. one man is in critical condition after being shot in philadelphia. it happened around this morning around 1:15 on the 500 block of east walnut lane in east germantown. the police found a 28-year-old man with a gunshot wound to his back. there's no word yet on any suspect. >> my partner is shot. shots fired, shots fired! >> my partner is shot!
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>> absolutely frantic 911 call from nypd office moments after a gunman shot his partner. police say an ex-con vick gunned down 48-year-old familia this morning in the bronx and gunman now is dead. police are calling it as assassination. fox's stacey delicate has details from new york. >> she was a good mother good worker, begun cop. >> a mother of three and a 12 year veteran of the force was doing the job she loved when early this morning a gunman proved the mobile command unit she was in and fired a single fatal shot into her head. the police commissioner calling it an assassination. >> it is clear this was an unprovoked attack on police officers who are assigned to keep the people of this great city save report rt it actor at a tacked happened on east 188th street as july 4th celebrations were wrapping up much police say throw cereal alexander bonds walked casually
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up to the command truck and fired the shot then took off running. >> my partner is shot! my partner is shot! >> familia partner radioed for help and two other officers caught up with bonds a block away. he drew his revolvers as the officers pursued them and they returned fire killing him. an innocent innocent bystander was also shot in the mayhem but is expected to survive. officers familia was rushed to saint barnabas hospital where she died hours later much bonds served two stints in prison hadn't made anti police statements on his facebook page but still no one could make sense of why he would target the officer. >> it was a senseless shooting so, you know, right now, you know, you got people -- we want them to know that there's people that support the nypd. >> officer familia is a hero. she's a hero. >> reporter: at the 46th precinct station house and purple bunting was hung and flag lowered to half staff. a steady stream of visitors came to pay respects lay flowers and
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pray. >> officer familia was well nope and well liked in the community say friends and she'll be remembered for her service. she want the to save the world. there be for the community. >> officer familia was a single mom leaving behind 12-year-old twins a boy an girl and a 20-year-old daughter. police do not plan to release any new information on the investigation until tomorrow. the family avenue marine veteran gunned down in olney is laying him to rest this evening. family and friends are saying final goodbyes to 47-year-old howard white. the funeral has just begun in newtown. white died last week after police say 25-year-old randy johnson shot him when he tried to stop a fight at a local bar. prosecutors have charged johnson with murder. we have new details tonight about human remains found inside a child' size casket in philadelphia. the medical tram examiner confirmed the casket contained embalmed organs much neighbors made the discove discovery mondt
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around 9:00. there weren't any bones around and no one knows where the coffin nor its contents where they came from. as of yet. today a judge has set the retrial for a dad accused of killing his three-year-old son for september11th. a mistrial was declared back in may after jurors failed to reach a verdict on murder charges after five days of deliberatio s the prosecution argued that david creato killed his son because he was interfering in a relationship that creato was asking way teenaged girl. creato maintains that his son brendon walked away from his home in october of 2015. brendon's body was found about a mile away. growing concerns this evening about the safety of places where children go to play in our area. some philadelphians are quiet worried about the conditions of city playgrounds. >> some are in worse shape than other. fox 29's jeff cole is live in port richmond to explain what's being done. jeff? >> reporter: iain, we've done a quick tour here today of some of the city playgrounds. certainly we have found problems mayor kenney says he has a man
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o solve this but it is certainly not a shore thing. it's called a safety tarp. the spongy could iting at the base of slides and swings at the vaughn play ground at 23rd and the parkway but they have deep potholes in them. enough to break a toddler's ankle. >> half the park is falling apart and you can't even have your kid walk on the ground without falling into a pothole. >> reporter: it's not the only problem. try tripping hazards a busted swing, broken fence and briquettes and rotting food being dumped here. a tourist from the detroit area was not impressed. >> very run down much lots of different areas look unsafe. my son tripped twice over here on the swing set already but he like the swing. >> reporter: city commissioner of remarks and rex says this playground is getting a facelift any day now. but the playground at 29th and chalmers in north philly is not. the safety tarp here is warn as well. the equipment has taken a beating and the basketball backboard is ripped away.
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never mind all the trash from fireworks. >> unfortunately, it's the condition of many of our parks throughout the system. we have 250 playgrounds and i'd say 90% of them need significant investment. >> all of this is why the mayor is pressing for his half a billion dollars rebuild plan to fix the park,. this nanny and little mossimo are waiting. >> there's not much up keep. they're even times you just find trash all over the floor. um, you can see over there swing a broken. it's just gotten worse. >> reporter: it really is difficult to actually look at some of the conditions of the the city parks when you know kids will spend a lot of time there this summer. rebuild only happens if an expected high court appeal of the controversial soda tax holds on. if that tax falls, it's back to square one for the parks and rec centers in this city. off castor avenue, i'm jeff co cole. fox 29 news. back to you. >> thanks much, jeff n bucks
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county concern over the well-being of a group of horses. their conditions have neighbors alarmed. a pennsylvania family gathers for a gender reveal party but it's all rude when a tree comes crashing down. sean? >> iain all the talk has been about the sixers off season but the flyers are out here trying to make some moves, too. ron hextall tall talks about the flyrs newest goalie later in sports.
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do yno, not really. head & shoulders? i knew that not the one you think you know the tri action formula cleans removing up to 100% of flakes protects and even moisturizes for sofia vergara hair >> baby gender reveal party that will never be forgotten for a western pennsylvania family. the dad to be was having great time when all of a sudden things took a scary turn. giant silver maple tree snapped
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large part of it came down on his leg. he believes his brother-in-law's jeep helped break up the fall preventing it from landing on his head. >> all of a sudden, i heard everybody yell it's going to fall. before i knew it i was sitting on the ground with a tree across my lap. >> the dad to be is expected to fully recover by the time the baby arrives by the way the ba baby's gender a little boy. >> it was a really big reveal party there. all righty. what's going on with a group of horses in bucks county? many neighbors are worried they're starving. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney has more from bedminster township. >> here's a mare. here's a stallion. >> reporter: video is difficult to look at. five horses at a property in bedminster bucks county nothing but skin and bones. the local horse community is worried they aren't going to make it. >> they are on death's door. they're probably -- there's a body ratio for horses and
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they're probably a one which is emaciated. >> reporter: stephanie of mountain view horse rescue says the animals have been malnourished for months. she says she notified the bucks county spca and do doesn't feel like they're doing enough. >> i've expressed to them in the time frame that that's going to go by before their neck visit most likely there's two horses back there that very well could die. so then what? >> reporter: the bucks county spca confirms it is well aware of the situation. it says it's working with the owners adding it takes time for horses in this kind of shape to put on weight. the police department is also involved and says all the proper steps are being taken. >> the animals are being watched. they're being checked. we have verified that they're fed. they're watered. that, um, spca is involved and veterinarian is involved. >> reporter: owners did not want to talk to us and a no trespassing sign is now placed at the end of their driveway on sweet briar road near spruce. concerned neighbors and horse
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lovers worry time is not on these horse's side. >> i think immediate action needs to take place. what's going to happen to get immediate action today? >> reporter: mountain view horse rescue wants the animal seized immediately. so far there's no indication when or even if that will happen. the buck county spca only saying it is an open investigation and that it is continuing to follow up. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. ♪ fox 29 weather authority right now. let's take live look at doylestown nice comfortable evening across the area. but rain could make it really, really wet tomorrow. kathy has that forecast in 15 seconds. a cloudy but pleasant day across the region with
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temperatures in the 80s. ultimate doppler showing a few spotty showers moving toward the region but pretty much fading with the daytime heating fading as well. some showers well out to the west and they'll slowly be moving in during the day tomorrow. we have a breezy afternoon across the region with real good deal of sunshine especially to the north and west of philadelphia. right now the temperature is 81. dew point at 62. so still a little bit sticky out there. you can see in allentown it's 84. 81 in reading. 75 in the poconos. 80 in millville. 77 in wildwood and down the shore we have this persistent easterly flow the boardwalk in atlantic city only 73 degrees. 72 in sea isle on the promenade and north wildwood and cape ma may point both checking in at 7. that ocean water temperature having a big influence on the land the temperature 65. still cold. dew point temperatures mainly in the 60s. that's a lot of moisture and it keeps it uncomfortable right through the evening hours. we'll go hour by hour. tonight partly cloudy skies. giving way to increasing thickening clouds during the day
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tomorrow. by 8:00 a.m. some spotty showers especially moving up the i-95 corridor toward wilmington as the day progresses more rain moves in to our weather screen and then by the late afternoon into the evening showers and some imbed bedded thunderstorms where you see the reds and yellows to the north and west of the city we're talking about rain heavy at times. downpours and look at this long along the i-95 corridor in baltimore and washington heavy rain. the severe threat of weather through southern cape may county in delaware. during the late evening hours. and then by friday morning, still seeing some spotty showers before we clear it out right in time for the weekend. so here's a look what to expect. mainly rain in the afternoon with some spotty downpours. even the threat of severe weather especially to south jersey and delaware. temperatures staying in the 70s were one we look at the severe threat marginal through central and southern delaware down toward maryland and southern cumberland county and most of cape may counties the main threat would be damaging winds
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with these particular thunderstorm. so overnight tonight looking pretty good. partly cloudy skies expected. 68 degrees. and then just muggy conditions. that continues into tomorrow with showers possible in the morning especially far north and west of the city. but mainly in the afternoon with a chance of storms. the high temperature only 79. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, 87 with early rain on friday. saturday 87. sunday looks great. monday 88. tuesday 90 degrees. next wednesday a few pop up storms but still summertime heat with a temperature of 88 degre 88 degrees. in the peak of vacation season especially down the shore. tomorrow not the best day but i think the glass is half full at this point. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> thanks, kathy. >> you bet. >> kind of like witness 76ers. >> the 76ers. summer league is here and markelle fultz that's all we'll talk about. all about that guy. he's back at it again trying to improve from this first summer league game. he talks about his mentality going into this one to tonight.
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flyers finally did something with their goalie situation. ron hextall talks about the team adding their newest addition at goalie coming up in sports.
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it's been all about markelle full this off season. tonight we're finally going to see a guy drafted in the first round last year. he's from turkey signed a crack yesterday and will play in tonight's summer league game against utah but of course like i said fultz will be the focal point here. he had 17 points in first game. looked good, played defense. nice all around game displayed it all. today fultz talk about what he'll be looking to do in his second game. >> same mentality. just going in looking to give my all. working on things i need to work on from last game which is little bit different stuff and just control my pace and everything like that and having fun. don't forget to have fun while you're playing. i know they'll play hard and physical. another chance to see what i need to work on and what i'm good at. just looking to go out and give my all. aft the game evaluate my game see what i have to work on.
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>> to the flyers, man you can't win unless off great goalie. steve mason is gone. he wasn't great in the first place. the rest of the goalies are basically backups the flyers signed brian elliot to short term contract to couple days ago which won't really solve anything. but today they talked about why they brought in elliot and what he'll do for the squad. >> we brought in a guy who we have like for while. i said the other day he works hard. he's a good team guy. he comes to camp in good shape. kind of fits into the culture we're trying to establish, um, on top of that he's pretty good stopping the puck, too. >> to the phillies after losing last night, they're trying to avoid another long losing streak. you know the type of streaks that the phillies go on. ben lively back on the mound but that actually might not be a good thing. the phils have lost their last five games that he started. to wimbledon venus williams still trying to push through a tough time in her life. in the second round, she lost
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six-four on the first set but after that it was easy. it's venus williams in wimbled wimbledon. you know she'll take care of business. she went on to win. and it got easier as it went on advancing to the third round and all smiles there. good to see her, you know,. >> yeah. >> happy and a lot of times you have to go into your sport tunnel vision. that's what makes these great athletes happy. >> yeah. absolutely. all right. be sure to join to us tonight for fox 29 news. it was a teddy bear left over from a garage sale but this stuffed animal had a special message. one that has this family desperate to find the bear's owner. >> that will do it for us here at 6:00. >> now i can't wait. we'll see you back here at 10:0. have yourself a great night. inside edition is up next. (male announcer) remember when taking a bath and going for a swim
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♪[ music ] the brilliant student's last moments before she disappeared. did her accused abductor go to her vigil? >> and the disturbing website cops say he visited. >> if somebody fantasizes about a kidnapping, this would be a place they can feed that fantasy. >> and first photo. new dad george clooney, holding his baby bassinet. then, hot felon in hot water. cuddling a wealthy heiress and the wife he left behind. >> my husband, you know, is the love of my life. >> then bachelor contestant medical crisis. >> these babies are going. >> exclusive. we're there right after her surgery. >> i haven't seen


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